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Salient 2019:
The Transatlantic Divide


A relationship forged in two world wars and cemented through a half-a-century-long ideological struggle seems to be coming undone. From its views on multilateralism and climate change to a harder stance on international trade and security, the United States is breaking away from its policies of the past three decades to chart a new, more self-centred path. The European Union and its Member States, on the other hand, seem to remain unable to fill in the shoes of their departing partner; torn between their role as a regional hegemon and their inability to project that power onto the global stage. At Salient 2019, we will be taking a closer look at the state of the Transatlantic relationship by trying to determine whether the current turmoil amounts to nothing more than a passing phase or is perhaps a sign of things to come. We shall seek to uncover what economic, security as well as social and cultural implications a prolonged crisis could have for the two blocks and what influence that could have on global power dynamics. 


New 1+4 format:


The Salient conference has always been about great content delivered in innovative ways. This year we are taking this approach a step further by introducing what we call a 1+4 format: one whole day dedicated to public discussions with experts, policy-makers and political representatives, followed by four days of crisis-driven MUN and MEU simulations. This way we hope to provide a more focused learning experience that will give our Delegates an opportunity to deepen their conceptual knowledge of the issues before testing it out in practice.