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About Salient

Salient is an interdisciplinary youth conference organised by the MUN Slovenia Club. Created in 2015, its aim is to foster critical dialogue among young professionals and equip them with the necessary analytical and practical skills to effectively address the challenges facing societies in the 21st century. This is achieved through a combination of interactive engagement with experts from a variety of backgrounds and rigorous hands-on exercises (simulations, workshops, roundtables and lectures), all cantered around the principles of creative thinking, knowledge dissemination, inclusiveness and sustainability.

Salient, as well as MUN Slovenia Club and its parent organisation United Nations Association of Slovenia, is a non-profit undertaking, financed entirely from small grants and yearly sponsorship contracts. As the only international youth conference of its kind the wider Central European region it offers its patrons not only a platform for raising the public’s awareness of their own work but also a medium for actively engaging with young professionals and already established experts from around the world. By 2020, Salient hopes to become one of the leading European youth platforms for identifying and critically engaging with the most pressing societal challenges of our age.



Cankarjeva 1/II
1000 Ljubljana