Iran and the Middle-Eastern Power Play

As one of the two major regional players, Iran is exerting its power across the Middle East and, with the development of a nuclear program, tipping the regional balance its way. After the Iranian Revolution, the UN imposed sanctions and attempted to limit Iran’s aspirations with a nuclear deal. However, pivoting to Israel and extensively criticising the deal due to its expiry date, the U.S. withdrew from it. The relations surrounding the deal are deteriorating and the international community is faced with an insecure future. Will the deal be renegotiated without one of the major global players or will the future be nuclear?


The Baltics: A Global Playground

In recent years, tensions between NATO and the Russian Federation have been on the rise. Ever since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ensuing war in Ukraine, sword-rattling became a defining element of the relationship between the two sides. While Russia is seeking to re-assert its major-power status with a daring show of force that spans from Syria to the Arctic, NATO is responding in kind by strengthening up its presence across Europe. The region most affected by the rising tensions is the Baltics – three countries right on Russia’s doorstep, in constant fear of imminent war. Can NATO strike the right balance between resolve and restraint to prevent another Ukrainian scenario, without inadvertently causing the conflict to flare up in the process?


EU-USA: A Complicated Future

The fallout of the current US administration’s assertive trade policy went beyond strictly economic effects as it also jeopardised many of the historic political partnerships. The strained relationship between the United States and the European Union is a prime example of this shift. While trade tensions seem to have subsided for now, for the EU, the world’s second largest economy, the question remains – how to stand firm in support of its own markets and the principles of global free trade while at the same time avoiding more harm to the world economy and successfully steering away from potential internal discord that might arise among its Member States?